A competition of remarkable initiatives
The “ Remarkable Initiatives ” competition was launched during EQUIP AUTO On Tour 2021 , to reward visitors who had,
during the period of the health crisis, innovated for the safety and motivation of your employees.
Its instant influence among automotive after-sales professionals led to its renewal and broadening of its themes.

You visitors, after-sales professionals, can compete and be rewarded in three categories :
Unfortunately, the “ Remarkable Initiatives ” competition will not be held at the EQUIP AUTO On Tour events in Montpellier and Reims. However, the competition will continue at the Rennes stage.

They were winners in 2021

Management and training of employees

To deal with the health crisis and the HR and social impact on staff, the HR department of the NEDELEC Group (430 employees) decided to create a “reinforced local HR action plan”.
Sustainable development

We have also obtained the Origine France Garantie label on all the exclusive productions of our saddlery workshop in which original Citroën elements are manufactured.
Business and service innovation

We made our vehicles available free of charge to the Toulouse medical profession during confinement. As well as the Red Cross marauders.

The juries

Discover the Remarkable Initiatives: Our competition is judged by a jury made up of regional journalists as well as our loyal journalists specialising in the automotive industry. Their expertise guarantees a fair and rigorous selection of the most innovative and inspiring projects. Keep up to date with our winners!
Romain BALY
J2R / Le journal du pneumatique
Zepros Auto After Sales
La Lettre M
Bertrand GAY
Guillaume GENESTE
Décision Atelier
Frédéric MARTY
Auto Infos
Jérémie MORVAN
Zepros Après Vente Auto
Caroline RIDET
Zepros Après Vente Auto
Paris Match
Michel ROUX
Auto Recyclage
Zepros Après Vente Auto
Laurence PERAUD
Sud Radio
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