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According to the latest figures from Anfa , the reference organization for employment data in the automobile maintenance and repair sector, the sector is facing a growing labor shortage. at 21,000 positions.

Among the professions most affected, we find mechanics, bodywork-painting, tires and technical inspection. This situation has direct consequences on consumers, with extended response times, an increase in the price of services, and even workshop closures.

Although the hiring curve experienced a slight recovery in 2023, it is still far from meeting the needs of the sector. It is estimated that there are still 3,734 mechanics, 2,600 bodybuilders and 2,300 heavy goods vehicle mechanics missing (Anfa figures).
The labor shortage doesn't just affect repair shops. Garage equipment manufacturers and players in the spare parts sector are also facing supply difficulties, rising costs and an urgent need to train their technicians in new technologies.

To meet this major challenge, joint mobilization of all players in the sector is essential.
To do this, EQUIP AUTO On Tour offers its exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to post their job offers in their personal space.
These offers will then be relayed on the EQUIP AUTO On Tour website.
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