Live demonstrations area

3 themes bringing together all our exhibitors:

🟡 Energy saving and ecological transition 
🟡 Connected maintenance 
🟡 Electrification
3 topical themes to ensure that our exhibitors are well represented:

The "Energy Sobriety and Ecological Transition" theme is aimed more specifically at workshop equipment manufacturers, OE, OES and IAM equipment suppliers.

Connected maintenance will be aimed more at manufacturers of technological connected garage equipment, ADAS, DIAG, etc.

Electrification for manufacturers of components and equipment specifically for electrified vehicles.
Live demonstrations area


Exhibitors will be able to book a demonstration slot via an online platform

1 exhibitor = 30-minute pitch including questions from the audience.

1 presenter will be present throughout the day.

Sequence of a demonstration :

Introduction by the moderator
presentation of the exhibitor
presentation of the product or service added value of the product for professional customers
Questions and answers.

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