Tyres and Vehicle accessories

Key figures

million tyres sold in France in 2022
% down compared with 2021
% average price increase in 2022
euros inc tax: price of an SUV tyre in 2022

The tyre market remains attractive for the aftersales sector

In 2022, the replacement tyre market  was impacted by a number of factors: a fall in volumes sold, and a sharp rise in prices that sustained revenues for maintenance  professionals and tyre specialists. It reflects a number of trends: the rise of 'Budget' brands, in response to cost-of-living imperatives; the growing popularity of 'all-season' tyres; and the increasing size and technical sophistication of tyres, requiring greater technical expertise and better advice from fitting  centres.

Sector talking points

Shrinking volumes
The market for light vehicle tyres, known in France as the 'TC4' market, for Passenger Cars, Vans and 4x4s (+ SUVs) totalled 16.4 million casings sold last year, down 5.6% on 2021 (17 million tyres). The passenger car segment (which accounts for almost 80% of the total)  fell by 4.9%, the van segment by 7.3% and the 4x4 segment (including  SUVs) by 12.4%. Price rises, which are widespread in the tyre market, were largely responsible for this fall in domestic volumes.
Soaring prices
The average increase in the price of tyres for light vehicles amounted to 13.3% in 2022, an unprecedented hike that affected all market segments. Passenger car tyres rose  by 13.8%, commercial vehicle tyres by 14.9%, and tyres for 4x4s and  SUVs by 11.2%. The average retail price of a summer touring tyre was €96 including tax in 2022, compared with €83 in 2021. The average price of an SUV tyre was €168 including VAT in 2022.
Growing momentum for all-season tyres
All-season' or 'four-season', or 'M + S' (Mud + Snow) tyres, are enjoying rapid growth. By 2022, they will have captured 27% of the replacement market. Sales have picked up significantly since 2021, when the 'Mountain Act' came into force in France. These tyres comply  with the regulations and allow drivers to drive everywhere in the  country, all year round, without having to switch from summer to winter tyres.
Demand shifting to 'budget' brands
The cost-of-living crisis that France has been experiencing since 2022 has  led to much greater scrutiny of the price of replacement tyres. The sharp price rise has led to increased demand for 'budget' brands, which tyre professionals must also provide as part of their  range. This is the only segment where volumes rose last year (+12.4%). Volumes of premium brands (e.g. Michelin, Bridgestone) fell by 9.6%, 'B' brands (e.g.  Firestone, Falken) were down by 4.8%, while private labels remained virtually flat (-2%).

The sector's product categories

Alloy wheels and hubcaps
Locks for alloy wheels
Puncture repair aerosols
Snow chains
Tyre components and accessories
Tyre fitter networks
Valves for tyres

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